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Estonia Tour

Estonia, which has over 1500 islands,lies to the north-west of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION and is bounded to the north by the Gulf of Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea and to the south by LATVIA. It is the smallest of the three previous Soviet Baltic Republics. Agriculture and dairy farming are the cheap occupations and there are nearly three hundred agricultural collectives and state farms. The main products are grain, potatoes, flax, vegetables, meat, milk and eggs. Livestock includes cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. Almost 22% of Estonia is forested, mainly with aspen, pine, birch, and fir and this provides material for sawmills, furniture, match and pulp industries. The country has rich, high quality shale deposits and phosphorous has been found near Tallinn. Peat deposits are substantial and supply some of the electric power stations. Estonia has about 72% of its population living in urban areas with almost a third living in the capital city. The economy is currently undergoing a major transformation to a free market system. Tourism and investment from the West have greatly contributed to the country’s economy.

Estonia Tour: Estonia – Fact and Info

Geographic coordinates: 59 00 N, 26 00
Area: 45,226 sq km

Coastline: 3,794 km

Climate: maritime; wet, moderate winters, cool summers

Population: 1,299,371

Ethnic groups: Estonian 67.9%, Russian 25.6%, Ukrainian 2.1%, Belarusian 1.3%, Finn 0.9%, other 2.2%

Religions: Evangelical Lutheran 13.6%, Orthodox 12.8%, other Christian (including Methodist, Seventh-Day Adventist, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal) 1.4%, unaffiliated 34.1%, other and unspecified 32%, none 6.1%

Languages: Estonian (official) 67.3%, Russian 29.7%, other 2.3%, unknown 0.7%

Capital city: Tallinn

National holiday: Independence Day, 24 February (1918); note – 24 February 1918 was the date Estonia declared its independence from Soviet Russia; 20 August 1991 was the date it declared its independence from the Soviet Union

Internet country code: .ee

International Country Calling Code: 372

Currency: Estonian kroon (EEK)

web sites:,,