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Nuremberg Fountains

Nuremberg Fountains

Ehekarusell Fountain

Am Ludwigsplatz
Jürgen Weber, an artist from Braunschweig, created Europe’s largest fountain with figures of the 20th century. The fountain was dedicated in 1984 and represents the joys and sorrows of married life.

Fountain of vertue

Lorenzer Platz
The Fountain of Virtue dates from the time of the Renaissance between 1584-1589. It is still one of the landmarks of the city today. The many figures represent the 7 virtues of the Middle Ages.

Schöner Brunnen Nuremberg

Am Hauptmarkt
The 14th century fountain, 19 metres high, is reminiscent of a Gothic church spire. The numerous figures represent allegories of philosophy, the liberal arts and religion. It is said that the copper ring on the north side of the fountain can make wishes come true.

nurnberg-- 003


The bronze statue above the fountain, unveiled in 1905, is dedicated to the memory of Peter Henlein (1485-15423). He is considered to be the inventor of the first pocket watch.

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It’s great that every of these fountains represents something either from the past, or the present. I always thought that every city is much better place for having fountains. Especially if there is a story behind it, like Peter-Henlein-Fountain, who invented a pocket watch… Who new?