Katerini, capital of the Prefecture of Pieria,stands on the plain between Mt Olympus of the myths and the Pieria mountains, 50 km from Thessaloniki and 6 km from the sea. It is a relatively new town. Nearby are the fine beaches of Methoni, Makriyalos, Olympiaki Akti, Plaka Litochorou and, best of all, Platamonas.

Katerini Greece
Katerini the capital of Pieria regional unit. Central Macedonia, Greece.

The outstanding archaeological site of Dion is 20 km from the town and has produced finds of the greatest value. Recent excavations have laid bare sanctuaries,tombs, theatres, a basilica and other buildings covering the period from the early iron Age (1100 BC) to the Byzantine age. Dion, beneath the awe-inspiring peaks of Olympus, was an important cult site for the Macedonians-rather along the lines of Delphi and Olympia.

Dion Greece
Dion The Archaelogical Site
On the magnificent mosaic floor is seen the Dionysos triumphal epiphany. 200 A.D.
Dion Greece
Dion, Greece, Central Macedonia

To the south of Katerini is Litochoro,a pretty village which is the starting-point for the ascent of Mt Olympus,the highest mountain in Greece.

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