palace vs castle

Palace vs Castle – the Differences and Similarities

Palace vs Castle The main difference between the palace and the castle is that the castle has big walls around it, while the palace is the place that has wast gardens surrounds big buildings around the whole place.Palaces are still the place where the royal families live these days.Castles were fortresses, that were being guarded …

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olympus riviera


Olympus Riviera Pieria Greece Olympus Riviera, in Pieria, is the Greek Riviera. Below imposing Mount Olympus and the evergreen Pieria Mountains, its serenity unfolds to the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea. It is the land of Mythology, the Gods and the Muses, the cradle of civilization, with a strong cultural past. It is …


Traditional Slovene Crafts 2

Traditional Slovene Crafts

Slovene Crafts Traditional crafts have always provided man with household utensils, personal equipment and things he needed at work. All these products were also important to market merchandise. As for the locals, their work offered them possibilities to pave routes to distant lands and broaden their horizons. Today traditional crafts hold a significant place in …

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Mediterranean jewel Finike – the beautiful legacy of the ancient time 4

Mediterranean jewel Finike – the beautiful legacy of the ancient time

If you want to afford an unforgettable experience and a vacation that you will remember, you should definitely consider a visit to Finike, Turkey. This place will help you feel all the magic of ancient life in the modern world, to enjoy the richness of what has remained from earlier times, and at the same time be a …

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Theatre of Dionysus 13

Theatre of Dionysus

A theatre of ancient Greek drama where the plays of the great dramatists(Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Menandrus) were first presented.It lies at the foot of the Acropolis,to the south,next to the “Sanctuary of Dionysus”. Originally the theatre had wooden seats which were replaced by seats of stone in 342-326 B.C.,much in the form we see …

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Vienna Maps 14

Vienna Maps

Metro Map , Schonbrunn Map Innere Stadt (1st district) The historic hearth of the city exudes elegance at every corner and boasts the best boutiques, the finest hotels and the grandest architecture. Despite its modern flair the inner city has maintained an archaic note, a parallel evolution that has developed and maintained the center in its …

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Greece Historical Events 17

Greece Historical Events

The dawn of Europe’s history, when the kingdoms and empires of the Oriental civilizations rose and fell, begins with the arrival of the Greeks. The first slow stages of the climb from primitive culture to the heights of civilization began in the Aegean area during the Bronze Age (2800-1100 B.C.). It was an age of …

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