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Monaco is a tiny principality on the Mediterranean surrounded landwards by the Alpes Maritimes department of FRANCE. It comprises a rocky peninsula and a narrow stretch of coast. It has mild moist winters and hot dry summers. The ancient fortified town of Monaco-Ville is situated on a rocky promontory and houses the royal palace and the cathedral. The Monte Carlo district has its world-famous casino and La Condamine has thriving businesses, shops, banks and attractive residential areas. Fontvielle is an area reclaimed from the sea where marinas and light industry are now located. Light industry includes chemicals, plastics, electronics, engineering and paper but it is tourism that is the main revenue earner. The sale of stamps, tobacco, insurance and banking industries also contribute to the economy. Well-known annual events such as the Monte Carlo Rally and Monacco Grand Prix are held in the principality.

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Monaco Tour: Monaco – Fact and Info

Geographic coordinates: 43 44 N, 7 24
Area: 1.95 sq km

Coastline: 4.1 km

Climate: Mediterranean with mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers

Population: 32,965

Ethnic groups: French 47%, Monegasque 16%, Italian 16%, other 21%

Religions: Roman Catholic 90%, other 10%

Languages: French (official), English, Italian, Monegasque

Capital city: Monaco

National holiday: National Day (Saint Rainier’s Day), 19 November (1857)

Internet country code: .mc

International Country Calling Code: 377

Currency: euro (EUR)

web sites:,,