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Netherlands Tour

Netherlands, the situated in north-west Europe, the Netherlands is bounded to the north and west by the North Sea. Around one half of the Netherlands is below sea level and the Dutch have tackled some huge reclamation schemes to add some land area to the country. One such scheme is the IJsselmeer, where four large areas (polders) reclaimed have added an extra 1650 sq km (637 sq miles) for cultivation and an over spilled town for Amsterdam. The Netherlands has mild winters and cool summers. Natural vegetation is now confined mainly to grasses and oak forests being carefully maintained. Migratory birds visit the new habitats created by land reclamation. Agriculture and horticulture are highly mechanized, and the most notable feature is the sea of glass under which salad vegetables, fruit and flowers are grown. Manufacturing industries include chemicals, machinery, petroleum, refining, metallurgy and electrical engineering. The main port of the Netherlands, Rotterdam, is the largest in the world.

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Netherlands Tour: Netherlands – Fact and Info

Geographic coordinates: 52 30 N, 5 45
Area: 41,526 sq km

Coastline: 451 km

Climate: temperate; marine; cool summers and mild winters

Population: 16,715,999

Ethnic groups: Dutch 80.7%, EU 5%, Indonesian 2.4%, Turkish 2.2%, Surinamese 2%, Moroccan 2%, Netherlands Antilles & Aruba 0.8%, other 4.8%

Religions: Roman Catholic 30%, Dutch Reformed 11%, Calvinist 6%, other Protestant 3%, Muslim 5.8%, other 2.2%, none 42%

Languages: Dutch (official), Frisian (official)

Capital city: Amsterdam

National holiday: Queen’s Day (Birthday of Queen-Mother JULIANA and accession to the throne of her oldest daughter BEATRIX), 30 April (1909 and 1980)

Internet country code: .nl

International Country Calling Code: 31

Currency: euro (EUR)

web sites:,,