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San Marino

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San Marino is a tiny landlocked state in central ITALY, lying in the eastern foothills of the Apennines and is one of the smallest republics in the world. Tradition has it that in AD 301, a Christian sought refuge from persecution on Mount Titano. The resulting community prospered and was recognized in 1291 by Pope Nicholas IV as being independent. San Marino has wooded mountains and pasture land clustered around Mount Titano’s limestone peaks which rise to 739 m (2425 ft). San Marino has a mild Mediterranean climate. The majority of the population works on the land or in forestry. Wheat, barley, maize, olives and vines are grown, and the main exports are wood machinery, chemicals, wine, textiles, tiles, varnishes and ceramics while dairy produce is the main agricultural product. Some 3,5 million tourists visit the country each year, and much of the country’s revenue comes from the sale of stamps, postcards, souvenirs and duty-free liquor. In 1992 San Marino became a member of the United Nations.

San Marino Tour: San Marino – Fact and Info

Geographic coordinates: 43 46 N, 12 25
Area: 61.2 sq km

Coastline: 0 km (landlocked)

Climate: Mediterranean; mild to cool winters; warm, sunny summers

Population: 30,324

Ethnic groups: Sammarinese, Italian

Religions: Roman Catholic

Languages: Italian

Capital city: San Marino

National holiday: Founding of the Republic, 3 September (AD 301)

Internet country code: .sm

International Country Calling Code: 378

Currency: euro (EUR)

web sites:,,

San Marino